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vehicle diagnostic

If there's something that feels not quite right about your car, it's likely there's a fault in its engine management, cooling, ignition or fuel systems. We have all the latest diagnostic equipment, so we can quickly identify any problems and get your vehicle running smoothly. We have the facility to diagnose issues with all makes and models of car and motorbikes. It's the ultimate solution to getting you moving again.

What do you do if it just doesn't feel right?

  • The vehicle is difficult to start

  • Sometime stalls

  • Produces excessive smoke from the exhaust

  • Uses more fuel than it used to

  • Hesitates or is sluggish when accelerating

  • The engine overheats

  • The vehicle misfires or is erratic at low speeds

  • Warning symbols are illuminated on your dashboard

Common vehicle problems:

  • Ignition and injection systems

  • ABS brakes

  • Battery systems

  • Central locking

  • Engine management

  • SRS, safety systems

Find the fault and the solution is just around the corner.

P & P MOT and Servicing Ltd can quickly identify problems and get your car running smoothly again. Call us on:

020 8856 2544

And many more including: airbags, air conditioning, warning lights, crash sensors, radio & speaker systems...

We can find and offer solutions to all types of electrical faults, including those relating to:

vehicle diagnostic work in progress